Amazing Benefits Of Niacin For Skin

Niacin for skin

How useful is niacin for skin?

Many people tend to take niacin for skin, but this is not the only effect they are looking for. Niacin is vitamin B3 and its effects vary depending on the area the effect is observed in. This water soluble vitamin is an important nutrient and it cannot miss from a balanced nutrition plan. In case it does, pellagra is the sign of deficiency, a disease with potentially destructive symptoms.

Introducing vitamin B3 into alimentation will reduce and reverse the symptoms of the disease. The benefits, on the other hand, are more diverse than that and even more are considered as potential, since there is not enough evidence to support all of them for now. But the large majority of them have been tested and proven over the course of time, making this nutrient one of the most important addition to any balanced eating schedule. But how important is niacin for skin?

One of the aspects we need to take into consideration is its signature symptom. It is called the flush and everyone taking vitamin B3 has experienced it. It manifests through intense blushing at the level of the skin around the face, neck, and scalp. In addition, the subject could experience some mild rash and a sensation of itching. While some get scared of these manifestations, the explanation is quite simple and it clarifies the influence and the role played by niacin for skin.

As the vitamin B3 enters the body, it takes around 30 minutes to be completely absorbed into the blood and that is when the flush will become noticed. The symptoms are caused by the fact that the nutrient enlarges the blood vessels, allowing for more blood to reach the inner organs, along with more massive levels of oxygen. As a result, the physical capabilities are greatly enhanced, which is why vitamin B3 is always an essential part of any athlete’s diet plan.

However, the flush also affects the capillaries and this is why many use niacin for skin. The capillaries are tiny blood vessels that extend to the surface of the skin and when they become enlarged, the additional blood pumping through the veins also carries important nutrients and oxygen to its surface. As a result, the skin will become more nourished, the cellular regeneration will be enhanced and the skin’s tone and appearance will become younger and healthier.

Is niacin for skin essential?

Yes, it is. Among the many benefits of this nutrient, taking niacin for skin is as essential as eating balanced meals every day. There are mainly several aspects that need to be kept in mind in relation to this vitamin and they explain why so many people are using niacin for skin daily:

  • Supports increased skin moisturizing

The studies which this nutrient has been subjected to revealed that vitamin B3 greatly boosted the levels of fatty acids and ceramides after absorption, elements that are critical in providing the skin with softness, suppleness and proper hydration for prolonged periods of time.

  • Niacin for skin delays the aging process

It is among the most important factors because the aging process is most visible at skin level. In this regard, vitamin B3 is responsible for increasing the level of collagen, while boosting the natural secretion, by more than 50%. Collagen is the key to maintaining the skin’s elasticity and suppleness.

  • Protects against sunlight radiation

This concerns people with increased skin sensitivity, who tend to develop acne and various health problems, including types of cancers.

It is not difficult to comprehend why people take niacin for skin. It is a natural nutrient, easily absorbed by the body and with great benefits in a lot of areas. The skin will become younger, more supple and even-looking and it could be definitely considered as a must have a supplement, not only for skin health but for a lot of aspects of the general wellbeing.

Other benefits include:

  • Cognitive support, influencing memory, the thinking process, and the brain development
  • Growth support, allowing for a better muscular development, as well as playing a major role in the bone density and organ protection
  • Help against sleeping disorders, especially insomnia
  • Provide support against erectile dysfunction and assist in naturally lubricating the vaginal area
  • Useful treatment against diabetes, also causing lower levels of cholesterol and many others.