New study finds the effects of abortion do not harm women’s mental health

New study finds the effects of abortion do not harm women’s mental health

The effects of abortion on the woman’s psyche is still a hot topic

Not only that but, aside from the effects of abortion, the act itself is a matter of strong public debate, especially in the US. Anti-abortion activists are making waves with their pro-life claims, stating that abortion is murder, regardless of the pregnancy stage during which it is being conducted.

The arguments they use refer to assigning the fetus the “human being” label, extending the incidence of the human rights, imposing new views on morality and the physical and mental impact on the mother as well.

According to not only pro-life activists but to several unbiased studies in the past, the effects of abortion are real, especially at a psychological level. Setting aside the physical impact in some cases, including the post-abortion complications that may occur in some cases, the event is also known to affect some women at a mental level.

Although the symptoms are not extremely serious, mostly revolving around shame, regret, and guilt, in some cases the patients could develop anxiety and depression because of it.

In addition, the effects of abortion may include a drop in self-confidence, eating problems, sleeping disorders, including nightmares, and even suicidal tendencies in the more severe cases.

It is why women who undergo the said procedure are advised to seek professional counseling, in order to overcome the potential side effects of abortion that may occur. But are these effects of abortion just myths or are they supported by actual facts?

Revealing new studies have taken this question seriously

The procedure is legal in the US. However, along with it, the legislation states that the patient should seek professional guidance in order to prevent any potential psychological complications as a result of the intervention. The interesting part of the problem is that there are no conclusive studies claiming women are in need for such post-procedure care.

A team of scientists at the University of California has determined during a massive study involving over 1,000 women, that the patients are more likely to experience a negative psychological impact, followed by complications in this regard, when they are being denied to right to abort, rather than when granted.

In short, women who, for various reasons, legislation, health complications, social pressure, are not allowed to exert their right to abort the fetus, are at higher risk of developing psychological problems in the future as a result. It seems like the effects of abortion work differently than what the general population tends to think.

Several other studies have also found that women who wanted to abort were having self-esteem and anxiety problems prior to the procedure, not after. Afterward, as a result of the successful medical intervention, their mental state actually improved rather than worsened.

This led the scientists to conclude that the post-intervention negative effects of abortion are more of an urban myth than actual fact, at least in the case of the majority of the patients.

Even more important, the subjects have been analyzed over the course of several years, during which their mental state did not decline one bit due to the loss of pregnancy.

For those who will seek to find contrary evidence, they may very well succeed in that regard, because there are several tests that have concluded the opposite. According to those studies, the effects of abortion are actually mentally harmful to those involved in the process, which is what lies at the foundation of anti-abortion movements, aside from the argument of immorality.

But the researchers have stated that the legislation should not forbid abortion, based on the premises that it has a negative psychological impact on the patient because the studies have proven the exact opposite.

Their advice is to allow women to have control over their bodies and decide for themselves what is better for them and their family. Even more, social studies have identified a connection between the empowerment of the women and the level of poverty in a society.

Uneducated women or those who are forbidden to control their sexual life are one of the main promoters of poverty, especially in the 3rd World countries. The same effect happens, on a large scale, in Arab countries, and the same effect can be noticed in the US, whose most poor families have the most kids. The effects of abortion-related to the woman’s psyche are mainly beneficial, not harmful.

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