8 Foods to Eat for Faster Weight Loss

8 Foods to Eat for Faster Weight Loss

Power foods for weight loss

Did you know that boosting your metabolism is crucial in achieving fast weight loss? It is absolutely true that a faster metabolism facilitates effective food digestion and assimilation. The food you take dictates the level of metabolism in your body and you have to be careful on what you eat. You should know that not all food is good food. Bad food normally comes in the most appealing way. They are usually aromatic, colorful and sugary. You should be able to differentiate good food from bad food in case you want to lose weight.  Below are eight foods that you can consume for a faster metabolism and speedy weight loss.


Ginger is a common spice in many houses. It’s normally sprinkled to food or tea but others prefer to chew it raw. For you to have enough Ginger in your system, you have to use it in most of your cooking. Make Ginger a necessary ingredient. Whether you are cooking solid meals or just making tea, ginger is a spicy ingredient. In addition to adding flavor to your food, Ginger helps in metabolism.  It facilitates the quick metabolic process and thus speedy shedding of excess weight in your body.


Easy to find fruits such as Apples, Pears, Grapes, Raspberries, and Oranges are very effective towards weight loss. They contain an array of essential vitamins and minerals which are important for quick metabolism. One advantage about these fruits is that they are readily available and affordable. Fruits, especially of the citrus type, are very rich in Ascorbic Acid which is essential for fast metabolism and digestion. It helps to cut off the accumulating fat from your body at a faster rate. Instead of taking junks like chocolate and fries, learn to get fruits instead. They are not only sweet and good smelling, they are effective appetizers and immune boosters. You will never go wrong with fruits.


The next time you see Cucumbers, learn to appreciate them. Cucumbers are very common in salads but very few individuals know its importance. They are highly rich in essential vitamins and nutrients to help your body function effectively. In addition to this, Cucumbers are rich in fiber content and low in calories. Such properties make them good food choice for weight loss. They make good sandwiches and vegetable mixes and so you should enjoy taking them. Overall, Cucumbers help to trim your body in the fastest way possible.


Beans are known to possess positive metabolic effect. They are good in measuring the level of metabolism in the body. Your digestive system efficiency is also gauged whenever you take beans. If at any time you take beans and your stomach rumbles, it’s believed that your system has a problem needing addressing. There are very good with side dishes as they go well with a variety of starch. You can add pepper, ginger or any spice of your choice for effective tasting. Beans are known to be slow in burning thus a longer body effect. You should not take beans for granted. They are very effective for weight loss and metabolism.

Leafy Vegetables

Common vegetables that are good for metabolism include:

The cabbage family of vegetables is rich in vitamin B complex which is essential for your metabolism. Many people take these vegetables in small amounts without understanding the benefits attached. To increase metabolism and achieve a faster weight loss, you need to increase the number of vegetables you take and reduce the carbohydrates. Get to include the leafy vegetables each time you are having a meal and you will achieve improved results. It always pays to go green.


Coconut is one of the most appreciated foods worldwide. Thanks to science, many people nowadays understand the importance of coconut oil. Coconut is very good for your oil and skin but most importantly, coconut oil is a natural booster. Coconut oil is a common ingredient in hair foods, lotions among other beauty products. If you want to achieve quick and healthy weight loss, you should try coconut oil. Get to use natural coconut oil for cooking and you will love it. The boost though minimal, it’s effective for weight loss and metabolism. Another good oil for weight loss is CLA Safflower Oil.


Coffee is a potent metabolism enhancer but needs you to be careful on the intake. It is advisable that for every cup of coffee you take, take an extra three cups of water. In this case, you will be achieving double benefits. This is to dilute off the caffeine deposits from the liver. Such accumulation may be toxic to the body. Coffee, when used properly, is good in burning calories from your body. Make it a part of your routine but use it in moderation.

Green Tea

Green tea contains effective nerve stimulant known as epigallocatechin, which stimulates the brain without overstretching the heart. Once your heart is not overworked, your body gets to work peacefully.  It becomes easy to work out when your heart is properly functioning. It is scientifically proven that when you take herbal tea and do regular exercise, you get to achieve faster calorie burning and weight loss. Though not many people choice of tea, Green tea is an effective natural immune booster that should be taken seriously. Learn to sip Green tea as often as possible and you will achieve quality success in your weight loss journey.

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