7 Essential Oils For Weight Loss

7 Essential Oils For Weight Loss

What essential oils are good for weight loss?

The journey towards weight loss can be quite stressful. One has to make decisions that will help you to achieve this goal. One has to adapt to healthy diets, regular exercise and all this at a time can turn out to be hectic or even less effective. For persons who are tired of all this, should try essential oils instead. All you need is just to use a few drops and it will help to combat fatigue, digestion problems, inflammation, and cravings for sugars and also boost your morale.

How Do Essential Oil Help in Weight Loss

No magic or miracle method has been discovered to help in weight loss. There is no shortcut to it. If there are any diets and magic portions, then you are preparing for healthy complications in the future. Essential oils can be used on a daily basis promotes both emotional and physical wellness. In a quick easy way. Essential oils are known to trigger one’s mood. They can make you feel calm or even make you feel energized. They help deal with cravings, emotional eating, fatigue and lack of motivation. There are essential oils that fasten the body’s metabolism hence there’s quick digestion. This helps in burning more calories; they can also increase your energy level, therefore, working out without fainting

Below is a list of a number of oils, their uses and functions that one can use to lose weight naturally and still leave you feeling good even mentally, physically and assure you of a great healthy future.

The Grapefruit Essential Oil

The grapefruit essential oil is sweet smelling oil that can easily turn on your body to fat burning session. The nootkatone in the oil will increase the body metabolism and body fat will melt down easier. When combining with a good and healthy diet and adopt healthy exercising, then your desired results will come pretty easily. Do you want your mind rejuvenated and invigorated? Try this grapefruit oil.

The Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon oil can be added to your favorite snacks such as the cakes and cookies to help with your weight loss journey. They control blood sugar and insulin release, therefore, sugar cravings are controlled. If you added cinnamon oil on your daily routine, you will eat less and won’t suffer from cravings for junk foods.

The Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger oil is very good for your digestive system. The gingerols in it help in reducing inflammation of the intestines. It also helps in quick absorption of vitamins and minerals. Inflammation is dangerous and can bring dire health risks. Use ginger oil and you will have reduced inflammation.  Ginger oils also help in controlling cravings for sugar.

The Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon oil is for both physical and mental wellness. It’s also not expensive so if your budget doesn’t allow you to stretch far, this oil will come in handy. This oil contains limonene; a compound that dissolves body fat. It is also a mood booster. It has an invigorating scent and you can be sure to have positive thoughts always. You can use it on your skin too for that fresh and fruity smell.

The Peppermint Essential oil

Peppermint oil function is to control your appetite by suppressing it.  It will help you in keeping away from food hence there will be no over eating. It will also help you in keeping a check on boating and indigestion problems.

The Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot oil will help in motivating you when you feel down and less active. It helps in boosting energy levels and keeping your mood on the check. With this oil, you can be sure of no emotional eating or skipping of workout sessions. This oil is for both your physical and mental wellness.

The Fennel essential Oil

The fennel oil will keep you looking and feeling wonderful because of its licorice smell.

It has a compound called the melatonin that helps in reducing or curbing appetite levels and therefore weight loss is increased. It is good for you digestive system. This oil helps you sleep better ad for long, Good sleeping habits will help reduce stress. Stress has been seen to be a major contributor to weight gaining and other health complications.

How to use the Essential oils for increased weight loss

The best way of using this essential oil, Is by applying them directly on the skin. It’s important to know that it advisable to never apply undiluted essential oils directly on the skin. This could lead to skin damage.You could mix it with coconut oil or even almond oil. They are known as carriers whose main function is to dilute the essential oils since they have neutral scents. The oils can be used on daily or weekly routines on the weight loss journey.  They can be used to counteract negative symptoms that make you feel kike quitting the weight loss journey.

One of the most wanted weight loss oil is Safflower Oil.


Essential oils are great. The weight loss journey doesn’t have to be that boring. Some routines are done curb weight loss can be so monotonous leading to boredom. This makes weight loss-stressful. It’s not so these days when you can use oils to boost your moods, curb your cravings, rejuvenate your body and mind, boost your energy levels. Note that you still have to adopt a healthy lifestyle. They are not there to replace healthy eating and living.

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