6 Surprising Facts about Gut Microbiota

Microbiota and gut flora

Probiotics influence neuropsychological conditions – 6 surprising facts about gut microbiota

When talking about probiotics, people are mostly used to assimilate them with digestive health. For the most part they are right, because these are living organisms that mostly live in the digestive tract. However, as research suggests, it may be more to it than just that.

Currently scientists investigate the possibility of finding a lot more benefits related to a healthy and active microbiota. It seems like they have a lot more influences and their role in the human organism is a lot greater than we previously thought. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that there may be more to this than meets the eye.

Just as the title suggests, today we are going to talk about the gut brain. If you have never heard of this notion before, you are welcome! So the gut brain is not a brain in itself. There is only one brain available and that is in your head. So what exactly does this notion says?

The exact notion is gut-brain axis and it is defining the link between the gut microbiota and the central nervous system. This is not so much of an old because the discovery is part of the newly developed science of probiotics.

How does the gut flora influences the brain activity?

connexion betwen gut and brain

This is where things start becoming interesting. The beneficial bacteria that makes for your gut flora communicates with the central nervous system using different pathways like neural, immune and endocrine. After intensive studies it has been determined that the gut flora could actually assist the brain in fighting off anxiety and pain, as well as improving mood and every other cognitive process.

This gut-brain axis is basically an innovative concept based on observing the probiotics’ influence in this regard, that hopes for developing new strategies of improving the brain processes simply through altering the gut microbiota slightly. Although this is a newly developed concept, it quickly gains more ground as scientists have been able to prove a clear link between the beneficial gut bacteria and nervous processes.

As studies have shown, ever since we are born the bacteria immediately start colonizing our bodies. The immune system, although still in its early phases, will immediately recognize the useful ones and will destroy and repel the bad. So far we only thought that this is the major benefit of the microbiota, when in fact there are more to account for, even at that early age.

It turns out that not only the beneficial bacterial mass will influence the development of the immune system, but will also play a major role in helping the development of the nervous system. At the time of the discovery, this was quite huge and although the research is not definitive, the evidence is clearly there.

But how exactly does that work? Among the most relevant bacterial strains known to be involved in this process is Bifidobacterium Breve. It has been observed that, during the early stages of life, this bacterial strain is responsible for elevating the levels of fatty acids (arachidonic and docosahexaenoic acid in particular) that are essential in developing the neural network.

Aside from this, you have the Bifidobacterium infantis, which supports the c-Fos activation in the paraventricular nucleus and so on. It has also been analyzed the behavior of the microbiota in relation to cases of autism. It has been observed that the healthier the gut microbiota is, the lower the risk for a child to contract autism in young ages.

How can probiotics fight the neuropsychological conditions?

This is an area of particularly risen interest, because it can show the link between these microorganisms and some rather dangerous mental conditions. It seems like probiotics are useful in countering inflammatory cytokines, decrease oxidative stress, fight chronic fatigue and significantly reduce anxiety and stress levels.

It turns out that a healthy and efficient gut microbiota can definitely assist the body in performing a lot better on all levels. This is a rapidly evolving science, as the benefits seem to be quite real and powerful.

6 facts you may not know about the gut microbiota

While some of you may have heard about some of these facts, overall they are part of the studies that have taken place relatively recently, so it does not hurt to spread the word. The more people find about them the better, because these seem to be the next step in the health industry. As more and more health supplements emerge virtually overnight, it is our job to only promote those that are really trustworthy and could provide you with actual benefits, instead of empty claims.

microbial facts

This being said, these are the 6 facts about the microbiota you may have not known until now:

  1. Using probiotics could help you lose weight

This is an actual fact, which is why there are so many people who buy these health supplements specifically in order to help them lose weight faster. But how does this work? It is relatively easy to understand the process.

Everything is related to the way the probiotics work. When the digestive system gets all the support it needs, the metabolic rates will be greatly increased. This means that the body will burn fat at increasingly accelerated rates. One of the best probiotics in 2016 is Nucific Bio X4.

People prefer these supplements instead of the classical weight loss products, because these ones have more benefits than the others. The fact that they increase the metabolism it is just part of the effects.

  1. They can help you treat depression

We all know how depression works and how big of a problem it is in our today’s society. Now there are many scientists that have found a link between gut bacteria and chemicals that are being released in the brain. Since these living organisms are known to chemically improve mood, it can be easily understood how this is a sought after effect by those seeking relief from anxiety and depression.

  1. The digestive microbiota is formed through breast milk

It all starts at young ages, even since we were being breastfed. The mother’s breast milk is the key aspect in increasing a baby’s immune system, as well as providing it with a potent and reactive bacterial environment. Several researches have linked breastfeeding to gut bacteria increasing in mass in the baby’s digestive system.

This is what helps it develop over time so that he could soon digest solid food. Without them, this would not be possible as the digestive system would never be able to develop properly.

  1. Bacterial imbalance is being linked to allergies

Since the immune system is strongly linked to the bacterial mass living in the gut area, any imbalance that will occur in that region will have echoes throughout the body. The immune system will be the first to be affected, which will evolve into a wide array of health issues.

The body will easily become more susceptible to viruses and germs and will open the door to plenty of infections and allergies. It has been determined that, especially in young children, the lack of a proper gut bacterial balance makes them more vulnerable to allergies than the healthier individuals.

  1. Strength in numbers

There is basically no such thing as too much when it comes to probiotics. Without exaggerating, the more beneficial bacteria you have in the gut area, the better. This way the harmful pathogens will be quickly overwhelmed and destroyed right from the get-go.

  1. Overreacting with gut bacteria could affect the liver

This is true for those who exaggerate with the probiotic supplements. For the most part, you will be guided into taking a certain amount of probiotics. Although they are not as dangerous as other products when it comes to overdosing, side effects could definitely occur when overreacting with the usage.

Some studies have shown that about 70% of the patients suffering from chronic fat liver disease have excessive gut bacteria numbers.

For a final word, keep in mind to inform yourself and, most important of all, care for your health. It is the most precious thing you have.

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